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HIV treatment includes the use of combination antiretroviral therapy ART to attack the virus itself, and medications to prevent and treat the many opportunistic infections that can occur when the immune system is compromised by HIV.

In light of recent research findings, WHO released a guideline in recommending starting HIV treatment earlier in the course of illness. Over time, new initiatives and financing mechanisms have helped increase attention to HIV and contributed to efforts to achieve global goals; these include:. The contributions of affected country governments and civil society have also been critical to the response.

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More recently, at the June U. Secretary-General emphasized these commitments, calling for the global community to reinvigorate global efforts to respond to AIDS.

The U. Congress has thus far rejected the proposed spending cuts.

Lessons from the Past: Responding to the AIDS Crisis

Core Epidemiology Slides ; July Get on the Fast Track ; United Nations. June Transforming our world: the Agenda for Sustainable Development ; Global Fund. Approximately Reducing the amount of the HIV virus not only helps people live longer and improves their health, but it also reduces the risk of transmitting the virus to others. It is also one of many ways her life has been complicated by the Venezuelan crisis. Her mother should be receiving chemotherapy, but that is another treatment widely unavailable in Venezuelan hospitals.

Patients in Venezuela have to bring all their own supplies to hospitals in order to receive treatment, including buying their own water, gloves, and syringes.

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Even the most basic things like vitamins are hard to access in her country. He has lived in the shelter for over a year now.

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Now he is a refugee here in Colombia. Quitting after 15 years of work, leaving my sister, my dad, my home. When he arrived in Colombia, his health was failing. His viral count was high, and he was badly ill. When he left, he was charged with treason for abandoning his country. Nevertheless, he had nowhere to turn for medicine inside Venezuela.

In the end, he fled to Colombia looking for any kind of help. When he arrived, he was very ill. So they arrive already in critical states. The foundation provides both shelter and accompaniment for residents when they go to receive their treatment. He cannot receive treatment in a public hospital unless his condition is deemed an emergency.

He is also afraid that he could be deported by Colombian police, since he does not have the proper documentation to stay in the country. It is a possibility he does his best to avoid.

His passport expired, and he cannot renew the passport, because as soon as he crosses the bridge they would capture him. He has not been able to see his family in over a year. It operates without support from the government and mostly relies on donations from friends and neighbors. There have always been many with HIV here, but the need is growing.

While the Venezuelan government has acknowledged that there are medical shortages, political leaders have maintained that the country is not experiencing any humanitarian crisis and that it guarantees its citizens access to basic medicines. There are few signs that they will take serious action to address these shortages anytime soon. She is most concerned about what the situation will mean for newborns and children in her community.

Why We Fight: Remembering AIDS Activism

The risks of going without HIV medication are heightened for mothers. The economic and political crisis in Venezuela has shown no signs of slowing. Today, there is even a lack of HIV test kits in Venezuela, making it difficult to know just how many people have been infected since the beginning of the crisis.

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