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True b. False What are the details of the crime according to Holmes? What became of the murderers of Mr.

Blessington Sutton? First published in the Strand Magazine, Mar. Simon marriage occur? Where had Watson spent the day? What is bothering Watson during this rainy windy autumnal day? Holmes received several epistles on this day. Who had sent them? Relate the contents of the letter from Lord St. What does Holmes use as a reference to find out about Robert St. Give some details about Lord St.

Relate the events that Watson takes from the newspapers.

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What editorializing does Watson find in the newspapers about money and position in England? Did the scheduled marriage take place? What were the details of the marriage and disappearance?

questioning everything...

Who is Miss Flora Miller? What do the police think she has to do with this affair? How does Watson describe Lord St. How would you describe him? What of the page-boy? Who would have employed him? Holmes and Watson or Mrs. Where does Holmes place Lord St.

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Simon in his hierarchy of cases? Describe the circumstances surrounding St. How does St. Simon describe Ms. How did Holmes respond to the likeness of Ms. How did Hatty Doran behave as the wedding approached? What incident occurred as the bridegroom and his new wife were leaving the church? What did you make of the conversation between Lady St. Simon and her maid? What did Lady St. Simon do after leaving the dining table?

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How was St. Simon involved with Flora Miller? Who was Hatty St. Simon seen walking with into Hyde Park? What did Flora do after the wedding? What does St. Simon think has happened to his new wife? How does Holmes respond to the questioning of St. What does Holmes appear to think of Lord St. So, how is Lestrade doing with the case?

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Where has he been looking for Hatty? What had Lestrade found in the Serpentine? What had Lestrade found in the pocket of the wedding dress? How did the evidence implicate Flora Miller? What did Holmes focus on when he read the note? What did Holmes tell Lestrade upon his leaving? How did Lestrade respond? Who had paid for it?

Who are the five individuals expected for dinner? How did St. Simon react to the note he received from Holmes? Who are Mr. Francis Hay Molton? Relate the story told by Mrs. What would you have done? What does Holmes see in the future for America and Great Britain? What two facts were obvious to him? Who might Hatty have seen?

What had St. Simon told Holmes about the ceremony that brought all of the details to a conclusion? How had Holmes Located the couple? Are you new to the stories of Arthur Conan Doyle? Seeking assistance in interpreting the Canon? Then, you've arrived at the right address, Blog: Questioning the Canon.

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Enjoy the pleasures of investigating the writings of the world's first consulting detective. Don't hesitate to add comments to the stories or ask questions. Questions are welcome and will be answered in good time. Meanwhile, the game is afoot! From the Memoirs-The Musgrave Ritual. What was in the tin box that Holmes dragged out of his bedroom?

What were some of the cases that Holmes fished gently from the box? What was in the small wooden box? What was their history? Where did Holmes say he had rooms when he first came up to London? What was the case number for the Ritual? Describe Reginald and his feudal keep. Describe Brunton. How has his fault manifested itself?

Who are Rachel Howells and Janet Tragellis? What document had Brunton been examining? What is the Musgrave Ritual? What did Brunton ask Reginald Musgrave to do after the butler was dismissed? How much time was Brunton given to make his excuses and leave? Relate the conversation between Rachel Howells and Reginald Musgrave?