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Sposizione delle diligenze, scoperte e riflessioni fatte sopra la testa del glorioso martire S. Ponziano insigne Protettore di Spoleto Perugia, Rome: Michele da Ripa, At least in part accessible via Google Books. Conventuali sul proposito del S. Perdono di Assisi in occasione della pesta di Messina s.

Dizionario di opere anonime e pseudonime: di scrittori italiani o come che sia aventi relazione all'Italia , Tomo II: H-R , ed. Friar from Genoa, descendant of the Comparetti family. Worked for ca.


He died in Pernambuco on Letters by him from a letter exchange on missionary matters have survived. Language scholar. His name is present on a list of friars in the Santissima Nombre de Jesus province in Guatemala dating from Carlos J. Member of the Parisian province. Well-respected theologian. Authored a significant number commentaries on the works of Augstine, as well as other works, and in some of these he attacked Jansenist positions.

The edition also contains a Supplementum Augustinianum , in which the author argued for predestination for foreknown merits. De indifferenti lapsi hominis arbitrio sub gratia et concupiscentia Paris, An Augustinian treatment on the fall of man, free wil and original sin. De necessaria ad salutem gratia omnibus et singulis data Paris, This works argues that every individual has been endowed with sufficient grace to use his free will and to choose to do the right thing. De causa bonorum operum Paris, This work deals with the relationshop between good works based on the facere quod in se est and the virtuous character of the hope to obtain eternal life and the fear to be condemned to hell.

It also contains a supplement on the role of attrition prior to the sacrament of penance according to Augustine and the statements of the Council of Trent. Joined the order in Active as a lector and as a preacher. Known for poems on Christ and the Virgin. La passione di Gesu Christo esposta in versi con altre sacre diverse rime del padre Carlo-Maria da Cesena, Carlo Maria da Cesena, Predicatore Capuccini?

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Only surviving in manuscript in Cesena? Friar from the Milan province. He entered the order in and developed into a botanical specialist. He finished a book on medical and commercial plants begun by Luigi Castiglioni. Milan, A modern edition of this work, ascribing it first and foremost to Luigi Castiglioni, has been issued by Jaca Books in Apparently, never received in-depth theological training, but was active as a religious hagiographical theatre pieces. He died in Brescello. Member of the Milan province.

Preacher, lector, missionary, and spiritual guide for condemned people. Ricordi per essercitar il caritativo officio d'aiutar a christianamente morire quei meschini che sono dalla giustizia condannati a morte. Con l'aggiunta d'alcuni dubbij spettanti allo stato, e salvezza di detti giustitiati dopo la loro morte Milan: Federico Agnelli, This work was written for a chaplain involved with the Milanese Compagnia di san Giovanni Decollato alle Case rotte detta della Misericordia, which assisted prisoners and those condemned to death.

Casimir Casani de Marsala - Lector of philosophy in Later also theology lector in the Sicilian Palermo province. Two-times provincial minister et there, consultant of the Sicilian inquisition, especially with regard to quietist tendencies, theological controversialist especially against Michel Molinos and spiritual author. He died at Marsala on 15 August Dissertationes mystico-scholasticae adversus Pseudo-Mysticos hujus aevi Patrum Testimonia Opus tum poenitentibus, tum confessariis utilissimum, et necessarium jussu SS. Editum, eique Dicatum Palermo: Giuseppe Gramignani, Tractatus de amore erga Deum Palermo: Giuseppe Gramignani, Crisis mystico-dogmatica adversus propositiones Michaelis Molinos , 2 Vols.

Palermo: Fr. Valenza, Appendix critica mystico-dogmatica Palermo: Fr.

Valenza La Via di mezzo nel camino della perfezione cristiana Palermo: Giuseppe Gramagnani, Storia della vita e geste di Sisto quinto sommo pontefice dell'ordine de' Minori Conventuali di San Francesco , 2 Vols. Rome: Remondini di Venezia, Spanish friar from the Decalza branch in the St. John the Baptist province.

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  • Was already an esteemed preacher before he embarked on a missionary journey to the Philippines in He worked in this Spanish colony until In that year he travelled with six other Franciscan friars to Formosa Taiwan , which had just been occupied by the Spanish. In , he went to the Chinese mainland Fongan. In August , he came to Beijng, opposing the use of the so-called Chinese rites among the Christians there. He was taken into custody by the Chinese authorities.

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    • A Chinese court apparently condemned him to death by crucifixion. Yet this death penalty was commuted into a sentence of perpetual exile. Via Macao, Casparo returned to Formosa, where he organised the building of a church and engaged in further missionary work. On 25 August , he was killed by a stray bullet from the Dutch forces invading the island. Casparo wrote a Relacion de mi viage a Peking signed 12 Augtust Marcellino da Civezza, Saggio di bibliografia sanfrancescana Prato, , 12; Fr. Palazzolo Vicenza, , ; A.

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      Caspar Casparini Gasparo Gasparini, - Italian friar. Joined the order in his birth town Castignano Ascoli Piceno province. After some tasks performed for the minister general, he was appointed patriarchal vicar of Constantinople, carrying the additional title of bishop of Spiga. Active in Constantinople between April until his death in , defending the cause of both Catholic Christians and Armenian Christians in the Ottoman empire, and maintaining relationships with the Greek Orthodox.

      Helped to breach the gap between Armenian christianity and the church of Rome. Wadding, Annales Minorum ed. Gasoar Gasparini, O. Matteucci, Un glorioso convento francescano sulle rive del Bosforo Florence, , ; O. Dieta Salutis Lisbon, This seems to be the work of Guilelmus de Lanicia and was until the 19th century regularly ascribed to Bonaventure of Bagnoregio. Observant friar from Toledo. Entered the order in the Castilian province. After finishing his studies, he taught liberal arts at San Pietro in Montorio Rome, and theology at San Isidoro Rome, Between and , Gaspar resided in the San Francisco el Grande friary of Madrid, first as secretary of the provincial, and between and as provincial minister.

      This proved to be a stepping stone for further secretarial and administrative charges.

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      In , the general chapter of Rome appointed him to the position of general secretary of Juan Merino. And at the general chapter of Toledo in , Gaspar was elected general definitor for the Ultramontan Observants. Two years later, Gaspar was again elected provincial of the Castilian province In this period, the Spanish King appointed him in a committee that again promoted the immaculate conception.

      In this period, Gaspar also became involved with inquisitorial activities, being made censor of the Catholic faith and a consultant of the Sacrum Officium. Gaspar was a productive Scotist theologian, who published a number of works, both of an academic and of an administrative and polemical nature. Christi D. Filii dei eivsovi beatiss. Regia, Observant friar from Lisbon. Missionary in China, Indochina, and India. Five of his letters have survived. Is this the same friar as Gaspar de San Bernardino?

      Litterae , most of them published in F. II, , doc. III, , doc.

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      V, ; L. Peres, Archivo Ibero-Americano 5 , See also Archives de Simancas, livro ff. The , and editions are accessible via Google Books. Meersman, The Ancient Franciscan Provinces of India Bangalore, , 15, 17, 35, 39, 50, , , , , , , , , Observant friar from de March of Ancona. Born in Potenza Picena Monte Santo. Preacher and professor of theology and philosophy.

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      Prolific author of sermons, eulogies, spiritual guides, ascetical novice training texts, explanatory texts on indulgences esp. Not all of these texts found their way to the printing press. Most successful were his novice training treatises, which were edited several times. Gesta e dottrina del serafico dottore S. The edition is available via Google Books. La sagrada religiosa famiglia. Raccolta in solitudine per dieci giorni di spirituali esercizi The edition is accessible via Google Books. La sagra religiosa famiglia. Raccolta in solitudine per otto giorni di spirituali esercizi a richiamare i doveri, e a rinovare lo spirito della professione colla seria ponderazione delle Massime eterne concernenti lo stato religiosa Ancona: Michele Arcangiolo Sartori, Franciscan theologian and professor at the university of Salamanca.

      Known for his treatise against the limpieza de sangre doctrine, which he issued in According to Juan de San Antonio, he also left behind in manuscript format a significant number of vernacular biblical commentaries, a treatise on sins, Lenten sermons, sermons on the Vurgins, Vespertinas, sermons on the dead, and a defense of the Observant Franciscans. He would have died in the Salamanca friary. El tratado de Uceda contra los Estatutos de Limpieza de Sangre , ed.

      Spanish friar.