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You can compare Shearing's music to a Technicolor Hollywood production, with all the loss of flavour you could want. The music of Monk, on the contrary, is that of a powerful artist. The former is pretty, the latter is beautiful. The discoveries in harmony and rhythm that Monk made almost fifteen years ago by now , have been partly assimilated and you might even say that today they've become standardized. But beneath the fingers of Monk they remain new. For Thelonious makes use of original inversions and, especially in rhythm, he has clearly remained the musician with the most audacity.

His phrases bristle with accents that are most uncommon, and the most unexpected.

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This is probably the reason why his playing beams out so intensely. He hasn't enough technique to be able to communicate all he has to say to everybody, but I've always been wonderfully impressed by his perfect sense of time. Thelonious obviously doesn't have a technique on the same scale as his talent. He himself admits to being too lazy to work on his instrument, and perhaps it's better that way, because if Monk had been given classical fingering he probably wouldn't have had that indescribable manner in which he hits the note.

Teddy Wilson doesn't talk about the sound of Thelonious, but we have to insist on it because it's so beautiful. Certainly it's one of the most moving, particularly when heard directly, as most records render sound badly. The trio album for Prestige is badly recorded and the pressings are mediocre, causing the piano to sound strangely "cracked. Incidentally, in a few weeks the French public will have the chance to appreciate the sound of Monk as much as his playing: this time, the stage at Salle Pleyel, where numerous great soloists have appeared, will this time see "one of the most powerful personalities in jazz" whose style will doubtless "get across" to the audience because of its freshness.

Because Thelonious, whether in a studio or a club, is no longer the same man once he sits down at the piano. As withdrawn as he was calm and lazy before, he seems to enter a trance right from the very first notes, humming and "living" everything he plays. His work is at the same time complex and wild, and once you are familiar with it you can observe everything that today's jazzmen owe him. Just think: he wrote 'Off Minor" in … And we know how prolific T.

Monk is as a composer. It is highly regrettable that Thelonious hasn't recorded a solo version of it, rather than the quintet recording in which, as we've seen, the trumpeter and the alto player are rather mediocre. Among his best works we can also mention 'Ruby My Dear' and 'Reflections. Above all, when it comes to swing he's a man without peer.

The result of all those elements is that the most "advanced" progressive musicians are still surpassed by Monk. As prisoners of various formulae they are rapidly becoming tiresome. Listening to records by Thelonious, on the contrary, one can always discover some new detail, some find, that has escaped previous listening, so rich in creative gifts is this great musician.

We can wish for him that his visit to Europe gives him the place he deserves: that of one of the most important innovators, and one of the most original pianists. To my great shame I have to confess that until then I hadn't understood his music; and yet it's the basis of everything.

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Whether you like Monk or not, you have to admit that harmonically, and in his use of his left hand, he is the founder of today's piano style. In fact there are two basic personalities: Lester and Monk. Their combined influences have given us Parker, Bud Powell, etc…. It is difficult to know how, where and when the Renauds met Thelonious Monk, as Henri Renaud gave imprecise and contradictory information in interviews many years later, but it was definitely early on at the beginning of their stay, as proved by the photo taken at Birdland with Art Blakey and Duke Jordan that illustrates the article that Jazz-Hot published in its February issue; it was probably taken on Monday, January 4, Jordan , Thelonious Monk Quintet S.

So that's Birdland. Rollins, Willie Jones, dm …. Thelonious is accompanied on drums by Willie Jones, a young drummer in the Blakey tradition despite his rather personal style, notably in the force behind his drum hits and the spirit of his solos, which have a savagery that really evokes African rhythms….

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My wife and I were the only whites there, in a crowd of young black people who were dancing. Which is proof, if that is still necessary, that you can dance to the music of Monk. I saw him a lot in I often went over to his home and my wife and I had even arranged for him to come to the Festival de Paris [Salon du Jazz, or Jazz Fair] that same year….

Remember that Jazz Selection had published his first Blue Note records in , records that had no success at all with the critics, no more than his performance in Pleyel where he'd played magnificently the recordings made during the radio broadcasts from the Festival show this well. Let me tell you that his behaviour onstage, judged anti-commercial at the time, would 'get across' to the public now and would no doubt be qualified today as original.

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Ingrand, J. Applaudissons donc les efforts des organisateurs. Signalons enfin que la R. Belgique , Sarrebruck, la B. Ce dernier remplace le trompette Chet Baker. Now, finally, we come to the most newsworthy event of these past two years in jazz circles: the 3rd Jazz Fair. Without a break, some of the most famous French and foreign musicians will make themselves heard from June 1st to 7th at the Salle Pleyel. In the hall of this imposing concert venue will be the Fair itself, reserved exclusively for the exhibitors: publishers, record companies and instrument makers, an exhibition of previously unseen paintings and photographs, etc These stands, designed so as to recall a street in New Orleans, have entailed the use of some 3, square meters of plywood for its construction.

But jazz lovers needn't worry: despite the setting, they'll be able to hear 'primitive' jazz as well as 'advanced' jazz. Because it's here in this club that Bobby Forest will be presenting, from 4 p. In the course of this event, to which all jazz lovers are invited, the full Academy will be announcing the name of the musician who will receive the Django Reinhardt Prize rewarding the Best French Soloist of the Year. So let's applaud the efforts of the organizers.

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These efforts will allow these brilliant musicians to play the music they love without the slightest concessions. As at every Festival, we're happy to note first-time participants from various first-rate European bands. The Sudwestfunk is sending Kurt Edelhagen's orchestra, considered by many to be the best big band in Europe, a technically perfect ensemble that is certainly appreciated.

Max Bruel, Lars Gullin's Danish rival, will lead one of the best Scandinavian bands and represent Denmark here for the first time. Note that for the first time—on an exchange basis—a French orchestra, the one led by Michel Attenoux, will go to London to give a concert on June 7. From Sweden, an amateur band will be taking part in the final rounds of the Amateur Tournament.

Finally, the R. Belgium , Radio Sarrebruck, the B. The American participants will naturally be the most awaited. The latter musicians will no doubt be attracting less attention than the three stars in this series of events: Gerry Mulligan, Thelonious Monk and Jonah Jones.

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The latter is the replacement for trumpeter Chet Baker. Leading groups with advanced formats, Gerry Mulligan is the musician who has revolutionized the jazz world over previous months. As a soloist, arranger, composer and leader, it's a good bet that the public will be thrilled by his many qualities. Jonah Jones can be classified in that category of talented musicians who have never asserted their authority due to a lack of publicity. And yet he possesses several assets often envied by other soloists sometimes more known to the public. His beautiful sound, his powerful attack, his many ideas, all of it forms part of his delectable playing.

To resume, something for all tastes, as you can see, and I'm convinced that the Third Jazz Fair will be the subject of all our attention for a long time. Blue Monk: Un Portrait de Thelonious. Arles: Actes Sud, , p. A tall black man with a beret screwed down over his ears was in the middle of a conversation with the concierge, who didn't speak a single word of English. He explained that he'd had his New York address and was very impatient to meet him. Having recognized Monk completely by chance, we climbed the stairs that would take us to Fats, while learning from Monk that he'd arrived in Paris that very morning to play at the Festival, and also that they had lined up a French rhythm section for him.

I was a very long way from thinking that this rhythm section would be me! Audio recording. He often used to invite me to lunch or dinner, with a friend of mine, and so one day I arrived, it was early June, I turned up and saw a big black guy smoking a narghileh [hookah]….

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He said: —Nice, nice, I'd like to see this, I'd like to see that…. Final program published in Jazz-Hot of the month of June, and booklet sold during the concerts:. Jonah Jones, Gerry Mulligan and Thelonious Monk, who have come specially from the United States to be part of the Jazz Fair that takes place from today until June 7 at the Salle Pleyel, constitute the "lead team" among the different musicians expected for this festival. Our photographer surprised them at one of the Fair's stands representing a boutique in the old French quarter of New Orleans: in fact this colourful, picturesque decor is the theme forming the basis of the whole exhibition.

We remind you that for the occasion Le Figaro is publishing a special issue with the programme of the concerts and distributed for free at the Fair and at the Figaro, and available to provincial readers on demand.

Quel regret que Monk ne soit pas comme tout le monde! Milt Jackson Vogue L.

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Combat , mardi 1 juin , p. The Jazz Fair organizers have reserved a pleasant surprise for a few fervent admirers of modern jazz: Thelonious Monk is coming to introduce himself to French audiences.