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Ask it above. There are many advantages for using the gutless method when harvesting and processing big game. Although it could be a fairly new concept to modern hunters — this method has been used by traditional hunters around the world and has many benefits. This concise publication will help the reader very quickly learn a valuable skill. Create Widget. Now, a new bill opens up that potential for California. Read more…. Following up on the four rules, this is your process of keeping your firearm safe when loading it into a vehicle, crossing an obstacle, etc. Point the firearm in a safe direction.

Recipes For Preparing Wild Game

Remove ammunition from the firearm. Observe that the chamber is empty and the magazine has been removed.

How to perform the gutless method on big game

Verify that the feed path is empty. Examine the firearm for any obstructions. The first rule of the woods is never panic. Once you lose your ability to think rationally, you lose your best tool. Taking those few moments to sit down, think , observe your surroundings, and plan will make all the difference in fending off your fight-or-flight instinct. Ethical hunters are the future of the sport. Every year, state hunting regulations change — sometimes drastically, sometimes slightly. But if either goes unnoticed, your mistake can get you in legal trouble. Wild, fresh, organic, lean, and delicious meat is the red gold you reap for your efforts afield.

I have also seen where the hide of the animal is left on the quarter, acting as a game bag. If you choose this method, keep in mind the outside temperatures should be cold enough to cool the meat under the hide. If your budget allows, take the meat to your favorite butcher to prepare it for the freezer and table. You may be asked. Bone-in or bone-out? There may be CWD concerns when the bones are cut. Do you want suet fat added to your ground meat?

If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, gather some friends or family to help with cutting and wrapping.

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A couple of extra hands will make the job much easier. Aging the meat prior to butchering is open for debate. Some people swear by this and others are of the opposite opinion. It was shared with me once that a large slaughter company in Colorado did a study on aging beef. The temperature and time were both monitored which determined the best time to butcher the beef.

Thaw frozen meat in the refrigerator. The slow thaw will provide you with excellent table fare. There are many cookbooks and recipes available.

Watch your local cooking scene; sometimes you can find cooking classes on game. Don't over-cook, and serve it when it's red or pink on the inside. Elk hunting is truly a grand experience.

Colorado Parks & Wildlife - Lesson 15

Part of that is the preparation and hard work required to execute an elk hunt and finishing afterwards. Hopefully, going through Elk Hunting University has helped you be successful in the hunt.

Share this experience with friends and family—strangers, too! Your "final grade" will be posted after the season.

How to Field Dress Elk - The Gutless Method - Hunting Field Care of Meat

Proceed with caution: Elk hunting can be addicting! It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled.

Innovative Hunting Techniques The Gutless Method

Please turn on JavaScript and try again. Things To Do Boating. Shooting Ranges. Colorado Parks and Wildlife Learn Lesson Lesson Page Image. Page Content. Is your vehicle 2 or 4 wheel drive? De-boning Depending on the weather, time of day, distance you need to pack out, etc. Leaving Elk Overnight If you find that leaving your elk overnight is your only option, here are some thoughts.

If the animal is whole, open the chest cavity to provide for air circulation to retard spoilage.