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Start your review of Gentle Hand Perfect Hands, 2. Jul 20, Susan rated it really liked it Shelves: series , comfort-reads , mm , age-gap , no-relationship-angst , age-play , hurt-comfort , daddy-kink , sweet. We met Raf and Brendan in the first book, but this started before the events in that one and we got to find out how Raf and Brendan started their relationship.

So you can read this as a stand-alone if you want. Brendan is a daddy without a boy to care for. When he overhears a conversation between two friends when he is at the BDSM club, he knows he has to help the boy who sounds so distressed. But so far everything Raf tried has been a bust. Just one more Dom to disappoint? But when Brendan tells him he wants to try something, Raf just goes with it. Brendan thinks Raf might like being a little, so he tells the sweet boy he is a Daddy Dom and that he would like to try to see how Raf likes age play.

When Raf agrees Brendan is over the moon. It even quiets the noises in his head. This book was just adorable! Raf was the cutest little ever, and Brendan was such a good Daddy for him. This had no relationship angst whatsoever and I just loved these two together.

Raf had a lot of trauma from his childhood, and he also had trouble functioning well as an adult because his brain always seemed to be distracted by something. Luckily Brendan and how he cared for Raf really helped him. I was glad to see not everything could be solved with cuddles and a binkie, so when Brendan suggested therapy for Raf I loved him even more. This was a cute, sweet, adorable, low angst age play book about a 22 year old boy with ADHD and a 43 old Daddy who just wants to take care of his baby boy.

Sep 21, Denise H. Dom, Rhys, is helping his dear friend, Raf, about 25, find the kind of satisfaction he seeks. Raf has has a rough childhood, and managed to get his degree in Education, but he is looking for someone to care about him find fulfillment. Brandon and Raf hit it off right away. So much patience and care, devotion and heart, goes into each person in this dynamic. Raf enjoys it and receives the attention and love he has never, ever received. He absorbs it like a sponge.

They have a few learning moments, but with patience, therapy and understanding, things become more settled. With his steadfast Daddy to lean on, Raf gains his strength once again. View all 12 comments.

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I love when a knowledgeable Daddy teaches a completely new to particular kink boy! This was at times adorable, a bit angsty and oh so good. I loved how Daddy Brandan stepped in to help Raf, how he anticipated his needs. Yes, at times there were misunderstandings due to their past getting the better of them, but they worked through them without unnecessary drama.

Raf has never fit in with the crowd. His father's cruelty and mother's neglect left deep scars that only got worse when he was diagnosed with ADHD. Only his friend Rhys stood by him through all the troubled times.

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Even after reaching adulthood, he is still unable to find himself in the sea of willing men and the variety of kinks that are on offer. From that moment Raf starts exploring the side he didn't know he had but desperately needed to let out - his Little side. I loved the trust he put in Brendan and the way he tried to see if what he asked for he actually wanted or if it was only to please his Daddy. I loved the moment he agreed to help himself, especially after what he revealed about his past to Daddy Brendan.

Boy, did I want to choke Raf's father for just a second! Daddy Brendan is a patient and caring man, only he doesn't have a boy of his own to care for. The last attempt at serious relationship hurt him deeply and undermined his self-confidence when it comes to seeing people and their true feelings.

So, when he hears a boy in distress, he can't help himself. He needs to comfort him.

From the first cuddle, Brendan is hooked. Even when relationship goes smoothly, he is still plagued by his insecurities and both men go through emotional times. But when they reach understanding, they are just so adorable together. I enjoyed this story a lot, and recommend it.

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Jul 19, DeltaMK rated it it was amazing Shelves: mm-contemporary , 5-stars That was one of the sweetest books I've ever read! If you read "Firm Hand" before you already know Raf and Brendan since they popped up here and there in the first book. When Nora announced she is going to write their story for this free giveaway I was really looking forward to it and what can I say?

She didn't disappoint! They lived that lifestyle and absolutely loved it! If you are looking for a book to dip your toes into age play and ABDL - this one here is your book! Sep 06, Zuzu rated it really liked it Shelves: lgbtq , freebie. It is a very serious problem and we need more people to take the time to understand what is going on and not shame our children. Enough of my soapbox, great story. Enjoy the characters and it made me think of Rhys and Cornell.

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Might have to reread! Aug 13, Suzy rated it really liked it Shelves: m-m-romance , may-loves-december , bdsm-kink , daddy-did-it. Jul 21, jazmin rated it really liked it. Sweet story A gorgeous story of Daddy Brendan and his little Raf. Well written story of the dynamic, strong characters. A joyous story filled with love.

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Aug 12, Smut Librarian rated it it was amazing. Sweet and joyful, I simply loved Raf and Daddy Brendan! A beautiful story of acceptance, discovery and diapers. Sep 21, Love Bytes Reviews rated it really liked it.

Raf has always been a disappointment to his parents, especially his father. His ADHD made his life miserable and difficult to navigate through. And what makes it worse is that he knows he is attracted to the Lifestyle just as much as his best friend Rhys but he has no idea what form of the Lifestyle he is suppose to follow. That is until he literally wound up in the lap of a natural Daddy!

When he discovers the boy crying, in the next booth over in the club, he knows his search may finally be over. Raf is the best friend of Rhys. Although this is the second book in the series it actually comes before and then follows the storyline of the first book. Although I preferred the first book it was interesting to see how both Rhys and Raf became who they were and why they fell into their particular kinks.

It also made more sense into how Cornell and Rhys fell into their Daddy kink. Rhys just wanted to make sure his best friend was taken care of. And Brendan was a natural for the position. Poor Raf needed a loving Daddy to take care of him and allow him to relax away from the struggles of the real world he was so ill equipped to succeed in.

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I did however enjoy hearing the whole backstory of Raf and Rhys. I had wondered about them. If you loved Firm Hand then you really need to read this one to understand the whole story. This book was provided for free in exchange for a fair and honest review for Love Bytes. Go there to check out other reviews, author interviews, and all those awesome giveaways. Click below.